After traveling in some parts of the world, I became fascinated by different culture and the art of colors.

One thing I realized was that, colors had no boundaries. There came the name "Tess World Designs".

It has been demonstrated through floral arrangements, room paintings, cars, make ups and most of all through clothing, to name a few..

Coming from Africa, vibrant colors are very much appreciated. One of Ghana's best known product is Kente Cloth, a hand woven cloth most often associated with wealth and cultural sophistication or royalty. We carry the widest variety of the factory version and the woven kente.

After working out of the home for many years, I am delighted to now open my shop and let out my God given creative talent and desire, that had been in me for all this years come to life. I have been sewing since I was a little girl starting from dolls, my own clothes, other people, my kids and even my husband.

My love for colors, fabrics and sewing has come to life because of you. I could not have done it without your patronage!

Thank you!

Come again soon!