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Authentic hand crafted thin indigo mudcloth from Guinea GMC02

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This hand crafted indigo mudcloth from Guinea is thinner than the regular mudcloth from Mali. Threaded with metallic, this mud cloth is worn by both men and women.
This and the Bogolan technique of dyeing and printing cotton is entirely organic and good for the environment.
It contains no harmful chemicals but they used natural plant dye called indigo.
It is handmade from start to finish.

Starting from seed, Cotton seed is planted, harvested and spun into thread. The men start the process by weaving this cotton thread on a loom. The dyes are made from the indigo pant and usually painted by the women.
The artisans hand-dye symbols into these fabrics in order to tell stories of their villages, proverbs and the culture. Mud cloth has a long tradition of being used by West African warriors and hunters to camouflage themselves. Nowadays, people across the globe are wearing them to stand out and celebrate their connection to the African heritage.
Ideal for clothing, home decor and upholstery.
If using for upholstery, reinforcement is needed as the strips are sewn together with metallic thread.

To care for your indigo cloth, first wash in cold water with reasonable amount of white distilled vinegar which stops the rub of color on hands and other surfaces that occurs with indigo fabric.

Please Note:
-This beautiful organic piece is woven in strips and put together for you. It is hand crafted by artisans therefore there may be some loose thread or irregularities.

58" X 40"

Colors may be different due to your monitor!