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Authentic Vlisco Holland wax Java, 6 yards/ African print/ African fabric/ African accessories/ Koklovinor HW64

$ 85.00

100% soft cotton Java material.
Width: 47 ins
Main colors: Green, white and yellow.

This is an authentic Vlisco Holland fabric, from a company which has been around since 1846.

Their products are high quality and colors last long after repeated wash. Best to hand wash or dry clean.
Before washing the fabric, how do you know if it is imitation or not?
The difference between the two is the price. Authentic Vlisco is more expensive than the imitation.

Ideal for making African clothing and also for crafts with fabric, making, home decor, Quilting and many more.

Very good for African fashion designers, creating hot fashion trend on the market today

Color may be different due to your monitor