African fabric by the yard/ Kente fabric / Made in Ghana/ Blewu KF352B

$ 8.00

Main colors: Orange royal blue and green.
100% cotton fabric
Width: 45 ins (114.3 cm)
Sold 6 yards.
Color may look different on your monitor.
This original Kente cloth print is made in Ghana, in the factory Akosombo Textile LTD. (ATL)
As African fabric are now being made all over the world, we strive to bring you the taste of authentic and high quality fabric. 
Treat yourself with this authentic, high quality kente print.
Ideal for all types of dress making for both casual and special occasion.
Makes beautiful quilts too!
( Please note: Original African fabric comes flat folded and measured yard by yard from the factory. It comes either in 6 or 12 yard piece and we do not remeasure; we sell according to factory measurement.)