Guinea brocade, Bazin riche fabric by the yard, light blue, B87-B

$ 9.98

Brand Tess World Designs

Light blue Guinea brocade also called bazin fabric are cherished in parts of Africa with lavished embroidery for both male and female.The design on the brocade may vary.

What differentiates bazin, or brocade, (whatever you call it) from other cotton fabric is that the pattern is intricately woven into the fabric instead of being printed or dyed on. They may have the shine but this washes off after laundering. 

Ideal for all types of crafts and dress making for both casual and special occasion, men, women, and children .
Works well as a combination with printed fabrics or by itself with or without embroidery.
Machine washable on gentle cycle and tumble dry or hand wash. 

WIDTH: 51.5 ins (130 cm)

Motif may differ.

Color may be different due to your monitor