WK163 - Assorted Handwoven Ewe Kete 2-piece Queen Set, Authentic Ghana Kente Cloth

$ 130.00

This handcrafted cloth, Kete cloth is authentically handwoven by weavers in the Ewe tribe in Ghana, West Africa. It’s woven strip by strip with mostly cotton, rayon  and/or silk thread. So finely woven, it's hard to believe it's handwoven. Historically worn by royalty of the Ewes and the Ashanti tribes now has spread through out Africa. Prices depend on the weave. Some sophisticated weaves take more than a month to finish a set for female alone.
This listing has a set of 2 piece each for the Queen (female) for her special occasions like weddings and  anniversaries.
Queen (female) sold per set of 2 pieces.
Approximate measurement:
 Black/White/Red - 76" x 43"
 Lime Green/Burgundy -76" x 46"
 Golden Brown/Black - 74"x43"
 Purple/Cream - 74" x 45"
 Dark Red/Off White - 74" x 42"
 Royal Blue/White - 74" x 47.5"
 Please note, as this is handmade and worn traditionally as made, it may contain some irregularities which are not defects but the beauty and uniqueness of hand-crafted clothes. You're not just buying a piece of cloth. You're buying royalty, a real African cloth. May contain other colors than mentioned.
Color may look different on your monitor.
NO RETURN OR EXCHANGE. Please pay attention to the measurement and contact us if you have any questions, before you purchase.

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Pauline Pavón

This is the first handwoven cloth I’ve purchased from anywhere. Exquisite! I look forward to purchasing more in the future. Thanks, Tess World Designs!