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Discover a curated selection of authentic fabrics sourced from across the globe, including hand woven kente cloth, vibrant African print fabric, and more

Woe zɔ! Akwaaba! Welcome!

Tess World Designs is a Black woman-owned business. In about ten years, Tess World Designs has become one of the most trusted sources for quality, authentic fabrics, including African Print Fabric, Woodin, Swiss lace, handwoven kente cloth, mud cloth, bazin, African laces, Kente cloth print, Kanga, Kikoi, and so much more! With a wide selection of fabrics from around the world, Tess World Designs offers unmatched quality fabrics at low-cost!

Vibrant Colors And Intricate Designs Of African Print Fabric

Our esteemed collection showcases a diverse range of fabrics that reflect the richness of global culture and heritage.

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