Our shop, Tess World Designs, is a place where passion and craftsmanship confluence into one-of-a-kind designs! What gave its birth on May 10, 2012, is Tess World Designs, the brainchild of a creative and committed entrepreneur Theresa Akabua who represents creativity and uniqueness in the fabrics and fashion industry.

Located in Tucker, GA, USA, Tess World Designs, is the place where women “of color” ownership is portrayed, thus, in every piece there is a fusion of rich cultural heritage and the passion for superior craftsmanship. From Theresa Akabua's early decades in Ghana to the United States, her brand is resonantly founded on her eternal inspiration by design and textiles.

At Tess World Designs, our fabric is sourced from corners of the world. The kente cloth handwoven flag symbolizes the combination of diversity and beauty in traditional craftsmanship; it represents the mastery of Swiss lace, the sophisticated intricacy of mud cloth, and the vividness of African prints.

The obsession with clothes, colors, and patterns in itself can speak volumes about Theresa. Adding to her experience as a Bespoke Clothing Designer, Theresa adds a very personalized touch to each item she works on taking pride in its perfection (How every piece should be a masterpiece in its own right).