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Bogolan, also known as Bògòlanfini, means 'made from mud' in Bambara - the main language of Mali. Crafting this fabric required entirely organic processes, using natural elements like dried leaves, grapes and tree bark as dye, and is thus beneficial to the environment. The material is 100% cotton, handmade from start to finish - beginning with cotton seed planting, harvesting and spinning into thread. The men weave the thread into cloth on a loom, while the women paint symbols and patterns onto it. These designs tell stories of the village and its culture, and historically were employed for camouflage by West African warriors and hunters. Nowadays, people across the globe are wearing them to stand out and celebrate their connection to the African heritage.

Bring West African tradition and culture into your home with Authentic Hand woven Mudcloth Fabric. Hand-woven from 100% cotton and carefully dyed with all-natural ingredients, such as dried leaves, tree bark, and wild grapes, this beautiful fabric will make an eye-catching addition to any space. Since each piece is handmade from start to finish, no two are exactly alike, making this fabric truly unique. Add a special touch to your wardrobe, home décor, or crafts with Mudcloth from Mali, West Africa.