Over the years, African head scarves for women have become more than just a symbol of cultural significance. In today’s time, these African head wraps have evolved into a popular fashion accessory. They are not just limited to a particular culture now, instead, people all around the world have taken a liking toward head scarves inspired by African styles.

This has given rise to more experimentation which has resulted in people having a wide range of head scarves to choose from with endless versatility in terms of fabrics, patterns, and sizes.

So, as we step into the summer season of 2024, it’s time to explore the latest trends in head scarves for women so that you can find your best statement piece to rock the summer vibes.

Top 6 Trends in African Head scarves for Women in Summers

  • Bold Geometric Patterns

  • This summer season, give your wardrobe a makeover and go all out with the African head scarves available in bold geometric patterns. 

    The bold geometric patterns with sharp lines and eccentric shapes give these African head wraps an eye-catching look. Plus, the color contrast adds a vibrant touch to your overall look, creating a lasting impression wherever you go.

  • Eco-Friendly Fabrics

  • When it comes to catering to the demands and preferences of today’s generation, one cannot ignore sustainability as the main driving force behind the survival of brands.

    African head scarves for women are no exception. When it comes to head wraps, a good percentage of the crowd seems to be leaning toward the use of cotton, bamboo, or recycled materials.

    The basic idea behind the popularity of eco-friendly fabrics is to reduce the harmful impact on the environment and to utilize the unnoticed resources that we have available at our disposal.

  • Minimalist Monochrome

  • This is one of those trends that have recently gained a lot of attention from everywhere around the globe. Nowadays, everyone wants to go for a minimalistic look, whether it’s home decor, a website page design, or in this case the African head scarves for women.

    Though African head scarves are usually associated with bright, vibrant colors and bold patterns, the head wraps in monochrome shades seem to be slowly but steadily creating their place right alongside the shelves.

    These single-colored head wraps are not just popular for their minimalist look but also due to their versatile nature as they can be easily paired with various different outfits.

  • Mixed Media Textures

  • As we mentioned above, whenever there is an increase in demand, it gives rise to experimentation which as a result leads to more variety and versatility. A similar scenario happened in the case of African head scarves for women.

    With head wraps available in different colors, patterns, and sizes, the next thing on the list is fabrics. Now, you can find these head scarves in different materials, as in a head wrap created using different fabrics. Sounds cool, doesn’t it?

    Think lace with linen, or silk with cotton, the possibilities are endless which makes it one of the most unique trends in African head scarves for women.

  • Handcrafted Designs

  • There was a time when we had to do everything by ourselves using the bare minimum resources at our disposal. With advancements in technology, that changed, and now we can get almost everything done without any manual intervention.

    This ironically has made people realize the true value of those handcrafted items that were once considered not up to the mark.

    In the case of head scarves for women, customers are leaning towards local artisans and are encouraging the continuation of traditional head scarves. 

    Because the head scarves created by the artisans in hand-dyed patterns with detailed embroidery and beadwork are not just scarves but works of art that is irreplaceable.

  • Convertible Scarves

  • Did you think only cars did that? Nope, the African head wraps can do it too, and quite well for a matter of fact.

    These convertible head scarves for women can be styled in various ways such as the intended original way, a head wrap, or a neck scarf, or they can even be used as cover-ups for a seaside outing. 

    This multifunctional aspect of these head wraps has increased their popularity tenfold as customers prefer the multipurpose head scarves that not only give them good value for money but also let them enjoy convenience and style.


    This concludes our article on the top 6 trends in African head scarves for women in Summer 2024. Whether you want something bold, casual, or unique, we have got you covered. 

    Now, it’s time for you to put your browsing hat on and explore this amazing collection of gorgeous and vibrant head scarves that are waiting to get added to your cart.

    Until next time.

    July 10, 2024 — Theresa Akabua