African head wraps/ Africa fabric HT279

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 Made of high-quality African fabric This African head wrap is made of high-quality African fabric, ensuring a beautiful, long-lasting accessory. It comes in assorted sizes, so you can find one that fits your style. Experience the resilience and vibrancy of African fabric with African head wraps HT 279. Orange, blue, pink and purple African headwrap with edges   tailored for immediate use.
Orange, blue, pink and purple African headwrap with edges tailored for immediate use.
Approximate measurement:
Extra long size 22" x 88"
Regular is 22" x 72"
Square is 35" x 35"
Bandana is 44" x 32" x 32"
Children size is 9" x 44" to 46"
The fabric is 100% cotton.
Wrong side is semi-printed.
Tired of wrapping your head, use it as scarf or sash. 
Regular size was used in the picture.
Color may look different on your monitor.

Customer Reviews

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Jenny Lindsay
African head wraps/ Africa fabric HT279?

Simply beautiful print. The material wraps very nicely. The regular isn’t as full as the extra long, however, it doesn’t give a decent full look that is very striking, especially if you wrap it with care using loose knots.

Nechelle Fisher
The best head wraps ever!

I love the colors I love the length I like the color consistency on both sides and I especially love the stitching on the side as well to ensure durability and longevity!

Denise Toney Designs
Pink & Purple Kent's and Head Wraps

I absolutely LOVE the pink and purple Kente fabric that was also available as a head wrap. The color of the fabric was bright, and the predominantly pink and purple color combination is quite unique! My orders arrived quite quickly - just a matter of a couple days. I appreciated the promptness with communication and heartfelt 'thank you' from Tess World Designs, especially in light of all of the many things that business owners have to do. I will definitely support Tess World Designs again. I am pleased.

Juanita Beasley
Head wraps

The shipment with the head wrap and square pieces were excellent. However, when I went back to order a piece of fabric the price of shipping kept changing. The first time it showed the price for shipping was almost the same as the cost of the fabric. Then a few days later it changed again. Due to the change in shipping price I never placed the order.

lakisha kumedzro

African head wraps/ Africa fabric HT279