African head wraps/ Africa fabric HT279

$ 24.82

 Orange, blue, pink and purple African headwrap with edges of this scarf or head wrap tailored for immediate use.
Approximate measurement:
Extra long size 22" x 88"
Regular is 22" x 72"
Square is 35" x 35"
Bandana is 44" x 32" x 32"
Children size is 9" x 44" to 46"
The fabric is 100% cotton.
Wrong side is semi-printed.
Tired of wrapping your head, use it as scarf or sash. 
Regular size was used in the picture.
Color may look different on your monitor.

Customer Reviews

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Jenny Lindsay
African head wraps/ Africa fabric HT279?

Simply beautiful print. The material wraps very nicely. The regular isn’t as full as the extra long, however, it doesn’t give a decent full look that is very striking, especially if you wrap it with care using loose knots.

Nechelle Fisher
The best head wraps ever!

I love the colors I love the length I like the color consistency on both sides and I especially love the stitching on the side as well to ensure durability and longevity!

Denise Toney Designs
Pink & Purple Kent's and Head Wraps

I absolutely LOVE the pink and purple Kente fabric that was also available as a head wrap. The color of the fabric was bright, and the predominantly pink and purple color combination is quite unique! My orders arrived quite quickly - just a matter of a couple days. I appreciated the promptness with communication and heartfelt 'thank you' from Tess World Designs, especially in light of all of the many things that business owners have to do. I will definitely support Tess World Designs again. I am pleased.

Juanita Beasley
Head wraps

The shipment with the head wrap and square pieces were excellent. However, when I went back to order a piece of fabric the price of shipping kept changing. The first time it showed the price for shipping was almost the same as the cost of the fabric. Then a few days later it changed again. Due to the change in shipping price I never placed the order.

lakisha kumedzro

African head wraps/ Africa fabric HT279