Sankofa African fabric Head wraps/ Black-Brown Turban Headwrap HT348

$ 24.82

The bird "Sankofa" "Go back and take it" is an adage from the Akan tribe in Ghana. With the head of the bird turned backwards, the feet is planted firmly forward signifying learning from the past to guide the prosperity of the future. Learning from the past should not break you but make you.
The edge of this scarf or head wrap is tailored for immediate use and made from cotton fabric.
We used regular size for the first picture.
Some are long and wide enough to wrap Rasta style.
Can be used as a scarf or sash.
Approximate measurement before edges sewn:
Extra long size 22" x 88"
Regular is 22" x 70"
Square is 35" x 35"
Bandana is 44" x 32" x 32"
Children size is 8.5" x 43-45"
Color may look different on your monitor.
Pls note:
As African fabric can come in numerous colors, we only mention a few. Contact us if you have any question. We will be happy to help you.


Customer Reviews

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Pauline Pavón

Love all these cotton headwraps I’ve purchased from Tess World Designs. I’m lacking in skin pigment, but can wear several of the Earth-tones and mud print designs. This Sankofa bird design is in lovely autumn colors on African cotton with finished edges. I’m unable to wear synthetic fibers, and am grateful TWD carries such a wide selection of cotton fiber wraps in a selection of sizes. Thank you!

Niomi Kenner
Love it!

I thoroughly enjoyed wearing the sankofa headwrap!
I felt so connected to my roots and wore it like a true African although I am in these USA. I will be ordering more this weekend! Thank you for doing what you do. ❤❤❤

Royal African head covering

This was one of my best purchases, i absolutely love live love love 💖💖💖the material and designs. I get compliments everywhere i go, thankyou Tessworld✨✨✨✨